The creation of a website or an application must be designed from the outset

Taking into account the concept of inclusion   its design must in fact consider the characteristics necessary for the site to be accessible to all users.

The definition of the aforementioned criteria is based on the respect of fundamental characteristics that must possess the components and contents of an information system so that it can be considered compliant with the accessibility rules.  

  • the content and elements of the user interface must be perceptible , ie they must be presented in such a way as to be perceived by users through the senses
  • The contents and the different components of the user interface must be operable at an operational level without particular difficulties on the part of the user who uses a mouse, keyboard and devices for the disabled to access the contents, click on the buttons, etc.
  • the mode of operation of the interface must be understandable for all users who must be able to understand how to use it and how to use the contents in an intuitive way

Starting from the guidelines established at international level, there are several fundamental rules that must be taken into account when developing a website or an accessible mobile application. During his speech at SMAU Milano 2018, Fabrizio Caccavello mentioned some of them.

Present the contents with a high color contrast

For this reason, on a white background, for example, you must use the black color for the font or in any case a dark enough one and vice versa, in order to make it easy to read the text and display buttons and other components of the site. In order to get the best possible services you must opt for the LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

As explained Fabrizio Caccavello, this compliance with the standards of accessibility of websites is also important for people who do not have particular problems of sight, but that for example, finding themselves on the street on a sunny day, trying to access the contents of a site with a low level of color contrast and due to the light cannot read the contents.

Choose an appropriate size of the text

The text content should not be too small, not least because it is possible that in the mobile version users can not even enlarge the text and the information would become completely inaccessible.

Information within a site should never be conveyed exclusively through colors

Not all people perceive colors in the same way. If information is conveyed in this way in a site or an application, it is possible that colorblind people cannot interpret them accurately (consider, for example, legends or instructions entirely in color).

Objects that are active at any given time must have a clearly visible focus

Having a clear focus as outlined by the expert makes the content more comprehensible and avoids the sense of confusion compared to when the elements are presented without a distinction (for example between those on which you are clicking with the mouse and those that instead they are not active).