Use Monkey Dong for Your Employers Drug Test

Everything You Should Know About Passing Drug Tests


If you wish to pass an employment drug test, you should learn about different testing methods. 

Apart from that, you should check out the workplace illegal substances policy, see the testing methods your employer is using, and which tests are mandatory for hiring purposes as well as for random drug tests.

In some states, they can only conduct screenings for current employers in case of suspicion, injury, or accident that happened. 

They can also do it for employees that appear to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances on the job, or if they are always late and absent from work, and finally, if the productiveness and performance on work are impacted by it.

The question is how to prepare yourself for the upcoming screening especially if you consume illegal substances that may interfere with your working.

Employment Drug Screenings

According to most state laws, private employers can screen applicants and potential employees for drug use. 

Of course, they have to give relevant notice to everyone that testing is mandatory part of employment process, and they have to use certified labs and screens for all applicants while hiring them.

Remember that state laws will restrict the testing procedures, which means that some states may allow applicant screenings, but only if the employer gave him notice as well a drug-testing policy in which states that the condition for employment is passing a test.

You should check out your state’s regulations when it comes to screenings so that you can determine laws that will protect you in case something happens. Some employers have federal requirements to screen potential employees for drug use

For instance, federal agencies such as the Department of Offense and Department of Transportation have mandatory regulations that require them to conduct screenings for both applicants and current employees.

They are following the OTETA (Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act) that mandates that all operators of mass vehicles, aircraft and commercial motor vehicles to be tested along the way.

On the other hand, private sector employers can conduct drug screenings but by following specific regulations and state laws.

Types of Drug Screenings

Urine Drug Test

You are probably aware that urinalysis is the most popular drug test of choice, and according to statistics, more than 90% of employers are using it. Since the active substances remain in our bloodstream for a short time, the urinalysis is checking for presence of drug metabolites.

For instance, if you smoked marijuana, you have ingested THC within the bloodstream. After a few metabolic cycles, your body will break it down into byproducts, in which the most important one is THC-COOH that will enter your urine.

Since it is fat-soluble, it will linger inside the fatty tissue and release every seven days, so you will not be able to pass the test on short notice. Most experts state that weed remains in body for at least two weeks if you are a moderate user, but for heavy users it may remain for months.

The main problem with urinalysis is the idea that you will be able to beat it with ease by following numerous methods and strategies that will help you. Remember that every single attempt to cheat a test is considered as law violation.

Therefore, if they catch you, the consequences can be severe such as declining your application or terminating your contract. 

The best way to pass a drug test without risks is to abstain, but since some substances tend to remain inside the urine for weeks and even months, that may be problematic to do it on short notice.

  1. Blood Test

The most invasive drug testing method is blood screening, but when compared with others, it is highly accurate. However, it detects the presence of active substances, which means that it features short window of detection. 

It is the best choice if you wish to check out whether an individual is currently impaired or under the influence, which is why law enforcement agencies are conducting them after accidents or specific injuries.

Remember that when you consume weed, for instance, THC will enter your bloodstream. However, in a matter of hours, you will be able to cleanse your blood and break active substances into byproducts that will enter other parts of your body.

Entering this webpage will bring you towards a site that will explain to you the common ways of passing urinalysis.

Blood testing is the most expensive solution, and they are not so common for employment because it requires plenty of money, and it is not efficient for long detection windows. 

Since most drugs we consume tend to leave bloodstream in a matter of 24 hours, it is efficient only for detecting whether someone used anything in the last few hours from the moment of testing.

  1. Hair Drug Test

Even though it is not popular as other types and methods, you should have in mind that hair analysis is the most challenging to beat, which is why it is gaining momentum and popularity in the last few years.

The test will check out for the presence of drug metabolites that will enter hair follicles from bloodstream, and become the part of newly grown hair in five days after consumption. 

The hair test can offer you the most extended window of detection that will determine presence of drugs as well as patterns of drug abuse. 

Therefore, if you consumed a specific medication for some time, and you abstained from it, the test will tell your employer everything about your past issues.

Check here to learn everything about the OTETA, so that you can understand the current federal regulations. 

The main controversy surrounding hair analysis is the contamination because if you have small amount of smoke or powder in your hair, that may cause false-positive results. 

That is the main reason why laboratories are conducting two tests, first one for determining whether an individual is positive or negative, and the second one to conclude the results.