The Best Gift you can give yourself this New Year – A Healthy Smile!

The festive period is well and completely upon all of us. This undoubtedly means that you plan to plunge yourself into the various rituals and practices that you have this time of year with your friends and family, relatives, and colleagues.

Eating and drinking play a significant role in the social calendar, and New Year is no different. Filling food and delicious snacks are the standard for many people. But while it can be possible to over-indulge at this time of year, take a minute to think about the effect this could have on our dental hygiene.

Our teeth are extremely cautious of harm and wear over the celebrations. This is a matter of our preference for food and drink and how often and how much we have it. Oral health sometimes appears to fall on the priority list, which may mean that we take care of it a bit less than normal.

To maintain our teeth combat fit for the New Year, we’ve put together the top 4 tips to improve oral health during the holiday season. It would help if you kept a healthy smile by following these basic guidelines, which is the best present to give yourself this New Year.

  1. Limit Sugar

Whether it’s a collection package, huge Toblerone, or a piece of New Year cake, sugar meals are among our greatest challenges at Christmas.

This ensures that our mouth is continually vulnerable to acid attacks and has little hope of regeneration. Consuming too much sugar too much leads to tooth decay, the main cause of dental damage. It might also leave one with a terrible toothache.

The easiest way is to keep the sugar intake at meal hours. This ensures that we will still enjoy our favorite remedies while and the number of days our teeth are vulnerable to sugar throughout the day.

Do you ever feel peckish? Try sugar-free or low-sugar alternatives. Cheese and nuts are great holiday foods that will not torture our teeth.

  1. Limit Alcohol

Much of the liquor is crammed full of sugar and can be highly acidic. When eaten in quantity, this can cause tooth enamel degradation, leading to pain and sensitivity. We are all much more likely to fail to clean our teeth after getting drunk – leaving sugar and acids to accumulate in our mouths all night – another tragedy for our dental health.

Professional Ottawa Dentists says that it is important to lower the number of liquor one drinks when celebrating. We all know that a gathering is all about food and alcohol, and when we’re partying, we always forget the count. A lot of alcohol will break down the enamel and do damage to your dental hygiene.

Keeping our drinking in control and getting a few days of liquor-free over the winter break would make our oral health a lot good and our general body health.

  1. Maintain regular cleaning

The New Year is the time to socialize with families and friends, but even so, it’s not an opportunity for us to rest when it comes to our everyday routine.

It doesn’t depend whether we’re out until the early hours of celebration or at home on New Year’s videos – it’s important to keep our everyday routine.

We can maintain a good smile by applying the toothpaste twice a day for 2 minutes. The ideal time of doing this is at night and every other time throughout the day.

Teeth Cleaning by brushing between our teeth regularly using fluoride toothpaste is also really necessary, as it extracts the residue that a toothbrush can’t penetrate. A dental check-up, right before or after the festivities, can also be smart to detect any issues and make sure they don’t go unchecked.

  1. Staying Hydrated

Keep absolutely hydrated during the winter months is vital to our oral hygiene and our general health. Water is the safest choice for oral health.

Drinking water right after eating has been found to help eliminate acids from the teeth and minimize tooth decay and corrosion.

Fluoride is an element present in water that can help mitigate the chance of dental erosion by making tooth enamel more responsive to acid attacks.


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