Costs and Facilities – Everything You Need to Know about a Drug Rehab

People who are planning on going for a rehab in order to remove their drug addiction completely often have a question, the question being, “how much would all of that cost?” The answer to that would be simple. It varies from treatment to treatment. However, there are many other factors which lead to varied drug rehab costs. Those have been explained below –

Kinds of Facilities

You must know that there are two types of patient facilities –

  • Inpatient Facility
  • Outpatient Facility

Inpatient facility means the patient stays inside the drug rehab in order to be under professional guidance 24*7. Outpatient facility, on the other hand, means the treatment is done via appointments and meet-ups with the doctor or professional assisting the patient. Inpatient, as evident, would cost more since the patient is being treated throughout the day. Not just that, the facilities like food, lodging and security are also provided to the patients who stay at the drug rehab. These make the drug rehab cost of an inpatient more than outpatients.

Location of the Drug Rehab

It is quite understandable that location is an important factor. If the drug rehab is away from home and you are an outpatient, you would have to spend a lot of money on the journey. Also, if the location is very suitable for faster recovery of the patients, such as calm beaches or strong mountainous areas, the rehabs tend to charge more for their location.

Size of the Rehab

A rehab which is bigger and has a lot of space for every patient would definitely charge more. Rehabs that are bigger have grown their business quite well, and they tend to be more popular than the ones who are smaller with lesser number of patients. Also, bigger sized rehabs would have space for a lot more treatments than smaller rehabs. This affects the costs greatly.

The Treatments

You must know that the treatments provided vary from one rehab to the other. The rehabs which have the capability to provide with more therapies and medications would most likely charge more than the ones who lack such techniques or methods. Also, it completely depends on the patient and their family on what treatment or therapy they would like to accept. Many of the therapies and medications cost more than others. These need to be kept in mind if you want to understand the costs well.

Length of the Treatment

By now, you have already understood that every person’s treatment is not the same. Even so, the length of the treatment would definitely depend on the intensity of the drugs. Some people stay or take therapies for a month, while some for quite a lot of months, some even for years. That is a major factor which increases or decreases the cost.

The Amenities of the Rehab

There are many rehabs which tend to offer facilities such as gym, swimming pool, gardens, spas, and even some counseling centers. Those rehabs charge more than the ones who only concentrate on the medications and therapies which form their treatment.


These important points must be kept in mind while trying to figure out the drug rehab costs. After all, the main focus should be on getting fit and fine as soon as possible.

Summary – Drug rehab costs depend on a lot of important factors. Needless to add, it is wise to go a rehab which has a good reputation and offers necessary services, irrespective of the money it charges.