Advocates for Change: The Role of Professionals in Homelessness Initiatives

In many communities, homelessness is a serious problem that has an everyday impact on countless lives. Not everything is as simple as not having a roof over one’s head. The topic encompasses a number of concurrently occurring social, economic, and health-related problems that many individuals encounter. Professionals can help with that since they have the knowledge and resources needed to truly make an impact. Their engagement may aid in the development of practical solutions and result in major change, regardless of whether they are attorneys, corporate executives, or health experts. Their knowledge contributes to long-term changes in the lives of the homeless in addition to helping with acute needs. To bring about long-lasting change, specialists must be involved in addressing this problem.

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Leveraging Expertise in Advocacy

Professionals have a special set of abilities that may have a big influence on social projects, especially those that deal with homelessness. Their diverse backgrounds in law, business, and healthcare enable them to effectively advocate for and execute change. For example, while healthcare specialists might create programs specifically designed to satisfy the health requirements of homeless people, legal experts could assist in crafting legislation that safeguard their rights. These varied contributions can result in efforts that are effective and work toward both long-term solutions and immediate assistance, demonstrating the significant impact that professionals can have on changing lives.

Innovative Strategies and Collaborations

By using their specialized expertise in unusual methods, professionals tackle homelessness with creative approaches. They frequently collaborate closely with governmental organizations and nonprofits to provide effective solutions. For example, they may create housing complexes that provide more than simply a place to live, or they could create specialized training programs to help the homeless find work. Through utilizing a wide range of resources and expertise, these partnerships guarantee that the solutions are not only workable but also long-lasting, significantly improving the community.

Assessing the Impact

Professional participation in homelessness initiatives can have revolutionary effects. Their efforts frequently result in better living circumstances, expanded access to necessary services, and stronger support networks. For instance, while healthcare services can take care of an individual’s unique medical requirements, legal aid can help homeless people protect their rights. Analyzing these results reveals that professional involvement significantly improves things, underscoring the need of continuing to participate in these essential projects.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Funding Limitations – Securing consistent funding can be tough. 
  • Solution – Partner with multiple organizations to diversify funding sources.
  • Resource Coordination – Coordinating resources among various agencies can be complex.
  • Solution – Establish clear communication channels and regular meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Public Perception – Changing public attitudes towards homelessness is challenging.
  • Solution – Launch awareness campaigns to educate the public and reduce stigma.
  • Sustaining Efforts – Maintaining long-term initiatives requires ongoing commitment.
  • Solution – Develop sustainable models that include regular evaluations and adaptability to evolving needs.


Developing practical, long-term solutions to homelessness requires the involvement of experts in projects. Their knowledge and creative methods significantly enhance the lives of the homeless, bringing about both short-term respite and long-term transformation. Sustained professional involvement is crucial in addressing this intricate matter and cultivating a more robust, encouraging community. For more information visit

How To Handle The Water Heater Leaking?

How To Handle The Water Heater Leaking?


Water heaters are a must have in every home. People use them every day. Water heaters are used for showering and similar bath purposes, washing hands, washing the dishes and the clothes, so in a way, a water heater is a very important appliance in each home.

Having a broken water heater is a serious situation. It means that you won’t be able to have a shower before you go to work. You can’t go smelly, right? If your heater breaks you need to solve this problem as fast as possible.

Water heaters usually don’t just stop working. In order for the water heater to become fully not operational, something visible must happen previously. Leaking is one major sign that soon something serious will go wrong. If you notice a water heater leaking, here’s what you must do immediately.

Turn off the water supply

It’s very important to turn off the water supply the first moment you realize the water is leaking from somewhere. If there’s huge pressure on the place where drops are coming out, is soon might become a place where a big jet stream of water starts coming out.

Sometimes the parts connecting the pipes and the heater are broken which is fairly simple to fix, and sometimes the pipes are damaged, and this might even create a small explosion. Turning the water off will prevent this.

Turn off the electricity

Even though leaking is a serious problem of its own, it might become even more serious if you don’t take this precaution. You probably know that water and electricity combined are deadly. That’s why you must turn off the main power supply in order to prevent a real catastrophe. Learn more about this here.

The main electricity supply is the best choice so you can be sure about your safety. If you think this is not the best option, at least turn off the power supply that’s closest to the leaking. Keep sockets and cords without electrical power.

See how serious the damage is

If the damage is small and just a little dripping is happening from some part of the heater, then just turn off the water and call for the pros explaining the situation.

Sometimes, however, the situation is much more serious than this. The leaking might become flooding and the whole place to become a small lake. The water finds its way and it will soon go over to the other rooms and into the neighbors’ apartments. In this situation, turn off the water and call 911 for further instructions.

Call the pros

When you realize you have a water heater leak, you need to call the pros. What you need is a specialized and skilled plumber who will detect and fix the problem.

Sometimes the problem can be fixed in just minutes, and sometimes it will take a more serious approach and action. Whatever the solution is, you need to trust these guys as they will surely do a better job than you.

Ask for advice

When this happens and the plumbers come, they’ll surely fix your problem. There’s nothing they can’t fix that is connected to water and pipes in your home. However, sometimes, this is not the best solution.

It’s wise to ask for free advice. Ask them what they think, is it smarter to fix the problem or get a new heater. If your heater is almost 10 years old, it might be time to throw away the old one and get a new heater. If the heater is working just fine, and some of the connecting parts are broken, then the plumber will probably advise you not to buy a new heater.


Water heater leak is a serious problem. Many people think the problem is not very serious and decide to fix it on their own. This is not a smart move. One reason is that they probably have no proper tools for it, and the other is that amateurs can only do a bigger problem than fixing the old one.

Always call for plumbers. It’s better to pay someone a small fee for their services than create an even greater problem that will draw more money from your pocket later.

Danny Murphy believes Wilfried Zaha signing would provide an upgrade to Spurs

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Danny Murphy believes Wilfried Zaha would provide an upgrade to the current squad at Spurs. The north London giantshave not made a single during the summer and they are now facing a race against time with the Premier League transfer window closing on Thursday.

Speaking to, Murphy spoke about the recent transfer speculation surrounding Zaha and Anthony Martial and believes the pair could unquestionably add more quality to the starting XI at Spurs, he said: “You’ve got to buy some real quality to get in that Tottenham first XI. Would Zaha or Martial make a difference for Tottenham? Yes, of course they would, they are top quality players who would add something to their team.”
Tottenham are deemed to have already made an initial approach to sign Martial from Manchester United but the negotiations have seemingly gone nowhere with the Red Devils reluctant to offload the Frenchman this summer. On the other hand, Ivory Coast footballer Zaha has been tipped for a fresh challenge after turning down a fresh contract at Crystal Palace.

Nevertheless, the Eagles have placed a hefty £70m on the attacker’s head and Spurs appear unlikely to break their transfer record with chairman Daniel Levy reluctant to pay over the odds for any player. As things stand, Spurs appear far off from completing the signing of a new recruit but things could change before Thursday’s transfer deadline with Mauricio Pochettino recently admitting his concern over the situation.

Spurs have usually utilised the services of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min in the frontline but they are expected to be without the latter for the opening month of the campaign due to his participation for South Korea at the Asian games. Son is presently facing the prospect of a mandatory military service with his nation but he would bypass the procedure by picking up the gold medal in Indonesia.

ValueMags Edition: You Don’t Need to Look Too (A)Far

What prompts you to get away from your city or country town for a while and discover another part of the world? Is it the wildlife, the surrounding landscapes of this new location, the food that waters your taste buds or the intangible aspects of culture that you so deeply desire to get acquainted with? Seeing the world in a different lens allows one to understand humanity a little better, to have more respect for Mother Nature and all that she is capable of doing. While all these reasons are beautiful, my subscription to Valuemags’ AFAR magazine made me realize that there is one pivotal reason for being on the loose that I had forgotten: The activities that happen around the world bring you there. It’s like visiting Germany during Oktoberfest or deciding March is the perfect time to finally go to Dublin so that you make it in time to see St. Patty’s done the authentic way. While these are well-known and popular activities for travel, there are many more secretive ones that deserve to be equally acknowledged.


Sometimes You Don’t Need to Look Afar

When I found myself looking through an article about different worldly activities thanks to Valuemags’ AFAR discount, a magazine that I would have otherwise not thought to pick up, I was pleasantly ecstatic with the realization that one of these activities was only a meager one hour away from home. In a flood of activities ranging from Germany to China and Israel, I couldn’t believe that Mont-Tremblant, Canada ended up as the third item on the list. Only one hour and a bit away from Montreal, it makes sense that the category for the Tonga Lumina event was art. The Tonga Lumina is a nocturnal walk for the adventurous who enjoy being one in nature. It’s a full sensory experience where lights, music and trembling rocks come to life as you vibrate through the inquisitiveness of what the legendary mountain giant’s slumber path used to be.


Destinations for your Soul

Wishing to feed your artistic self alive with the drumming of humanity? Other destinations as Valuemags can concur with were the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival where a few days of festivities involving wine drinking, dumpling eating and boat racing are apparent. Another activity that may suit your fancy is The Legacy Museum in Alabama for those history buffs. Learn about the cruel history of African American enslavement and how the Peace Movement paved the way to better times.

7 Effective Spells that Work Instantly

As a beginner witch, it’s important to gain confidence by performing spells that work without wait. Here are 7 of the best introductory spells for beginners

Finding spells that work for a beginner witch are important to increase your budding confidence in the craft. They are also important to get a novice caster to become more comfortable with rituals, when the best time to work magic is, and how to assemble and become comfortable with ingredients necessary for spells. These spells that work instantly can be easily performed by a witch of any level without taking a whole lot of energy, and you won’t have to wait to see the results of your hard work! They will be waiting for you when you awake the next day, making it easier for you to tweak your practices and tailor your magical prowess to your specific skill sets.

It’s important to note, that we assume anyone that is using these spells already has a good idea of the basics of witchcraft. You have to know how to properly focus and manifest your power, cleanse your space and mind, as have a good grasp on oils and lunar cycles before you can turn spells into spells that work. Got that already? Great! Here’s a list of 7 spells that work instantly!

Protection Spells That Work

  • Salt
  • Full moon

This is a simple protection spell that works for the beginner, which you can begin to feel the effects of immediately. Negative energies can sap a witch’s power and reduce the effectiveness or even completely change the power of spells that you will perform. Knowing how to place a basic protection spell, either for your whole house or just for your circle is an important step in any spell work. Ensure that you have enough salt for whichever ground you choose to place the protection spell on. Place the salt in a clear container or jar and place in the full moonlight for at least 20 minutes. This allows the salt to become energized from the moon. When you retrieve the container, you should be able to perceive the energy held within it. Sprinkle the salt around any ground you choose to protect in a clockwise fashion, creating a full and uninterrupted circle. As you sprinkle the salt, envision purity and protection. Ask the spirits for a blessing and as you walk, envision that protective energy flowing from you hand into the salt as it hits the ground. Sometimes, incantations or prayers are helpful here, to help keep your mind focused. Once you close the circle, ended at where you began, focus on clearing any negative energies and see a sphere of protective energy surrounding the ground in which you have just cast the spell around. Spells that work in this way will instantly cleanse and protect any area where they have been performed. Keep extra charged salt on hand to use for this protective spell anytime you draw a circle or an altar.

Love Spells That Work

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Rose petals
  • Oil incense burner
  • Two red taper candles and holders
  • Charcoal
  • Small jar or bottle
  • Waxing gibbous

Cast a protection spell and purify your mind before beginning. Begin this ritual during a late waxing gibbous so that the oil can absorb more power from the moon light, this ensures spells that work more readily. Steep the rose petals in the extra virgin olive oil for seven days. While mixing the ingredients, focus on thoughts of love, both giving love and receiving love. This is best left outside in an area that will absorb both sun light and moon light. After seven days, strain the rose petals from the oil. Set the oils aside in a small jar or bottle. Cast a circle or prepare an altar. In the middle of the circle or alter, place the oil burner. On either side of the oil burner, place the red tapered candles in their holders. In front of the line you have just created, place the charcoal, rose petals, and jar of oil. Anoint the candles in the oil. Any leftover oil should be rubbed on the wrists, temples, and chest over the heart. Center your mind on manifesting love. Believe that love will come to you and see its energy flowing through you and into your materials. Light the charcoal and use its flame to light the tapered candles. Place the lit charcoal into the basin of the oil burner. Sprinkle the rose petals over the charcoal. Focus on the smoke that rises from the petals and see it intermingle with the flames of the candles. In the smoke and flame, see yourself receiving love and feel it drawing near. Ask the spirits for help in bringing you your desires. See you self-happy and attractive, with your love next to you. Become buoyant with feelings of love. When you feel the power of the spell take hold, release your circle and thank the spirits for their help. Every morning, place a small amount of oil on your wrists, neck, temples, and chest over your heart. Spells that work in this way should immediately make the caster feel more confident and alluring. This will draw your love to you soon.

Money Spells That Work

  • Cauldron or mason jar
  • coin
  • water
  • Full moon

Put the cauldron or mason jar in an area where the full light of the moon will shine on it directly. Take a moment to cleanse the water you will be using. Place your coin at the bottom of the cauldron or jar. Pour in the water and as you do, manifest thoughts of fertility and growth. See yourself amassing income and show gratitude for what will be. As you focus on growth and wealth, watch the light of the moon fill your jar and energize the water. Once energized, pour the water over the earth, thanking the spirits for their generosity. Keep the coin near you at all times, either in a pocket or as a charm. Money spells that work in this way show an improvement in income.

Health and Wellness Spells That Work

  • Your hands

Cast your circle or alter. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts or worries and ask for the aid of high spirits. Once you feel the presence of any helping spirit, allow your hands to place themselves wherever they are compelled to be. Invision pure, loving energy coming from the source and entering into your body. As the energy fills you with bright white light, will the energy into your hands. As your hands fill with the pure energy, they will begin to warm, sometimes even take a reddish hue. Once your hands have become charged with the healing energies from the universe, allow them to hover over any area where you feel healing is most needed. Focus only on the purity of the energy flowing into the space that you are healing. Allow the energy to flow for as long as you feel necessary. Thank the higher spirits and release your circle, instantly feeling relief from your ailment. Spells that work in this way, reduce suffering and promote healing. Because you will be using a gift of higher spirit energy, these spells should not make you feel as though your own energy has been taxed.

Cleansing Spells That Work

  • Bath or free flowing natural water*
  • Peppermint oil
  • Epsom salt
  • Rose hips
  • Sea salt
  • *Sachet and long cord

Place three drops of peppermint oil, ½ cup each of Epsom and Sea salts, and a handful of rose hips into the draw waters of a warm bath. Stir the contents clockwise. *If you are using a free flowing natural water bath, put the ingredients in a sachet and place the sachet on a loose cord around your neck before soaking. Before you enter into the water or place the sachet around your neck, clear your mind of any troubling thoughts and ask the spirits to bless this bath. See any troubles flow from your body and cake onto the outside of your skin, like mud. Envision this shell becoming thick as you will out any discomforts from your body. Before stepping into the waters, use your hands to brush off this caked layer of discomfort, shedding worries and troubles. Envision your skin gleaming with white light each time you brush away the layer of emotional mud. Once you have brushed yourself clean of the mud, step into the waters and allow them to complete the cleansing purification. Spells that work in this way penetrate into your muscles and every cell of your body, going far beyond just surface cleansing. See yourself stepping away from the waters fresh and rejuvenated.

Success Spells That Work

  • yellow candle
  • candle holder or plate
  • dagger
  • New, Waxing gibbous, or Full moon

Gather your ingredients, cast your circle, and perform a protection charm. Using your dagger, carve a symbol of your success into the candle. This symbol should represent the success you’re looking for. It can be anything as long as it represents whatever it is you would like to excel at. Light the candle and place it onto the holder or plate. Focus your energy, mind, and third eye on the flame of the candle. As you watch the flame, clearly manifest your success and happiness. See yourself in this position of success and believe it to be true. Focus on this as long as need be to make it so. When you feel that you have achieved pure focus and your desires have been noted, release your circle, but allow the candle to continue burning until it has burned out. Collect the wax and keep it in a safe place. Return to the wax often and envision your success, showing gratitude to the spirits as you notice yourself becoming more successful.

Intuition Spells That Work

  • Drawstring bag
  • Herbs
    • Mugwort
    • Wormwood
    • Lavender
    • Rosemary
  • Dream Diary

Once you have gathered your ingredients, cast your circle or alter, and performed a protection charm, begin by placing a pinch of each herb in the bag. As you do, focus your intentions on increasing your dreams and opening your third eye, refocus your intentions for each herb added. Once you have placed all of the herbs in the bag, tie it closed and hold it between your palms. Close your eyes and see your third eye opening. Focus with your third eye on the contents of the bag and will your desires for intuition and increased dream wisdom into the herbs. Once you feel that this has been accomplished, release your circle and place the sachet under your pillow. As your dreams flow freely, make note of them in your dream journal and gain increased intuition from your third eye.

Carrie Bradshaw’s String of Boy Drama And 3D Logo Making

Why the Obsession with Carrie?


Everyone is obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw and her lavish life as a writer and fashionista in the Sex and the City television series. She lives the ultimate socialite’s life, spending her days drinking mimosas over brunch with her three best gals, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, trapezing into new romantic affiliations in the hustle and bustle of the city, and writing about sex and love in her weekly column.


Not to mention, viewers had a deeply-seeded envy for Carrie’s high fashion closet and shoe and bag addiction. It was not uncommon to see her walk her way down Fifth Avenue with a mission to buy a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s (if you’re not familiar, these shoes cost anywhere from $995 to $1,500 at Nordstrom’s).


Her Consistent Side Hustles


No matter what kind of predicament you got into, Carrie was there for you. On her spare time, when she wasn’t working hard at being a socialite, buying cute designer finds or writing her column, she got deep into arts by starting up a side hustle as a 3D logo maker. Her friend Pete and her loved to work with new up and coming designers that wanted the perfect designer logo to launch their brand during New York Fashion Week, and she simply had the willpower to get the best designers in line to make their wishes a reality.


Friendship No Matter the Walk of Life


She was also the best friend a girl could ask for. Nowadays, we see television stars who aren’t always there for their friends when the going gets tough. Their language is not always supportive, instead giving off a cruel vibe that their friends need to just figure it out for themselves and get over their issues. While this star shed a very bright light on set, some viewers weren’t her greatest fan. Instead, they preferred the wild Samantha for her cool ways, or Miranda who had it all together at all times—even when she didn’t really. Or even the kind-hearted Charlotte who cared deeply for all of her friends trials and tribulations and consistently stood up for them no matter what.


It’s Not Only About You

Many fans of the show got annoyed with Carrie at the end of the series since she was showcases as a selfish, narcissistic lady who always loved to talk about her problems with the 3D logo company she has begun to fund and boy drama over regular Sunday brunches. While Carrie was often there for her best friends, one moment that everyone harps on is the fact that Carrie spends way too much money on shoes that she doesn’t have anything left for rent. She gets Charlotte to then pawn her old engagement ring so that she can pay for the month. Instead of returning many of the shoes that are barely worn and cost the entirety of her rent, she goes to her best friend to sell a prized – yet no longer sentimental— possession. Rude.

Beating Taxes in Retired Life

Throughout our daily working lives, a part of our paydays most likely to taxes. Income determines tax cost, and just what our team is obligated to repay hinges on our wages. While this is possible to lower taxes via different means, such as resulting in a retirement strategy or even taking off mortgage enthusiasm, our salaries are the single-most determining variable when this relates to the income taxes our experts are obligated to repay.


The manuscript is turned when our company resigns. Without that monthly income, tax obligations been obligated to pay are found out through what our team devotes, where our team gets added income, as well as exactly what our tax obligation accountabilities are actually. Senior citizens have dedicated their whole working professions sparing loan for retirement life, and also tax obligations could influence the total value of those cost savings. Just how can retired people lessen tax effects once they stop functioning? There are several tried and tested procedures to lower tax bills while sustaining a pleasant way of life. Read on for even more particulars.


It’s Time to Branch out


If you’re still working, this is time to obtain serious regarding minimizing taxes when you resign. One of the extremely absolute best methods retirement planners suggest tackling this is to branch out– dispersing payments amongst multiple retirement life profiles. These may be Standard or even Roth Individual Retirement Account in addition to various other taxed patterns. Roth IRAs, especially, offer tax-free withdrawals once a specific age is arrived at. Securities one offers from a taxed account might also be eligible for capital-gains deductions. Do not forget that minimizing the quantity of tax you presently pay for is likewise feasible by creating additions to tax-deferred IRAs as well as 401( k) strategies.


Have Perk of Retirement Life Timing


If you have not navigated to transforming your retirement life discounts, are afraid of certainly not– there is still a remedy offered. Retirement life planners describe the amount of time duration between retirement and the age of 70 1/2 when minimum circulations are demanded through regulation, as the “delightful place.” During this duration, retirees can take conveniences of tax discounts. Exactly how? In those first retirement life years, it is feasible to convert Conventional Individual retirement accounts right into Roth IRAs. This guarantees that distributions may be had tax-free when that is time to take funds from that pension.


When Demanded Lowest Circulations (RMDs) begin, a person’s tax obligation bracket might modify. A remedy to staying clear of success in tax obligations is actually to begin investing several of that retirement financial savings through creating drawbacks in the first years after retirement. This possesses a two-fold impact: this minimizes the balance in the account, thereby reducing the balance that will undergo RMDs as well as their associated tax implications, and also that may additionally push back filing for Social Surveillance benefits. This latter effect has a good incentive, as well, through enlarging the Social Surveillance perks available. For each year one problems filing for Social Safety after reaching the grow older from retired life (commonly 65-67 years), advantages grow through 8% up until the age of 70. That “delightful place” becomes very delightful!


high risk merchant accounts

Getting Credit Card Processing for Your Nutraceutical Company


The nutraceutical industry is growing and expanding with rapid advances. Global total annual revenue for the nutraceutical industry accounted for $181.4 billion in 2015. By 2017, it’s anticipated to make up $204.6 billion. The industry is growing at an annual rate of nearly 6.3%.


More and more companies appear in the field that introducenew nutraceutical products to consumers worldwide. Today’s top 10 nutraceutical companies offer products like liquid supplements, which are very popular and are resulting in thousands of sales every day.


Payment Processing for Nutraceutical Businesses

Nutraceutical businesses are labeled as high risk, which suggests the payment processing regulations concerning the industry are associated with conflicting rules. There’re a number oflarge merchant account providers that aren’t willing to work with nutraceutical companies and process payments for them. The reason has to do with thequestionablelegal status of certain supplements and higher rates of chargebacks.


It’s too important for nutraceutical merchants to find a reputable payment processor in the field that’s ready to provide high risk merchant accounts with the best possible terms and rates.


With a respectable high risk merchant account provider, you can get a nutra merchant account without major challenges. All you need is to go through a simple application process and just complete a simple free online application. Afterwards, you’ll receive a PDF copy by email, which lists all terms and pricing for your electronic signature. Once approved, you can begin processing credit cards for your nutraceutical company.


The true professionals in the industry are well aware of the unique needs of your high risk nutraceutical business. They’ll handle setting up your chargeback management tools, payment gateway, and make the process easy and hassle-free for you.


Nutraceutical Companies. High Risk Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts.

Businesses in the nutraceutical industry generally fall into one of the following SIC codes:

. 2834: Pharmaceutical Preparations
. 2833: Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products

As a rule, nutraceuticals use the following NAICS code:

. 325412: Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing

To get a high risk merchant account for your nutraceutical business, you need to apply to ahigh risk merchant services provider that has a bank sponsor relationship that’s willing to accept nutraceutical businesses.

The majority ofnutraceutical businesses spend their 1stfew months determining fulfillment, their ad bidding strategy, and other issues.Their 1sthigh risk merchant account is typically capped at around$25.000 – $50.000 per month. Usually, after you have successfully been processing for 3 – 6 months, you’ll be able to get your MIDs (Merchant Identification Number) re-reviewed and obtain a higher limit.

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of the underwriter. It’s the underwriter who decides whether to approve you or not. The underwriter is responsible for ensuring your business is a good risk for the credit card processing company. So, make sure your business looks predictable, financially stable, responsive to customers, legitimate, and legal.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert, Blair Thomas, co-founded eMerchantBroker in 2010. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. eMerchantBroker is America’s No.1 high risk merchant accounts company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.