What to look for in a groceries app

It’s established that online shopping is a gift that technology bestows upon us. We can save time and cash and still get shopping done in the comfort of our seats. One less thing anyone has to contend with is getting an ICBC surrey after an accident on your way to and from the store. Apps have changed how we shop but knowing which one is the best companion for our needs is not always straightforward. Here is a checklist of features to consider when settling for an online grocery shopping app

It feels like an actual store

Most people are comfortable with online shopping,but people tend to lean toward shopping experiences that feel like being at the actual store. How does that look like on an app? It could mean having the option of looking up and down aisles albeit digital, vivid 3D images of the item being removed from the shelf and being put into a cart. While not everyone may particularly care about this aspect, it’s a bonus to have so that stopping by an actual store does not feel like an alien experience.

The accept coupons

Part of creating the experience mentioned in the previous point is accepting coupons. Everyone loves getting a good deal,and in these economic times, this rings true. Given that more than half of Americans opt to buy items when they are on sale, it would help to gravitate to toward an app that gives you that opportunity. Whether it’s inserting the serial number or scaring the bar code, get an app that accords you the chance to save.


It is likely that you will buy the same things each time same as most people. Therefore, look for an app that stores your purchase history to make each time you come back that much faster. That means having items and brands that you stick to displayed first for efficiency purposes. It also helps to have an app that suggests similar items for a day you’re feeling spontaneous and want to switch things up.

Scheduling and pre-ordering

If you prefer sticking to a time table, then this function would be helpful. Look for an app that gives you the option of making repeat purchases whether that is weekly or monthly. That makes shopping one less thing to have on your mind as the app will give you notifications to remind you in case you need to cancel. If your app has a physical store, you can send in your order and pick it up on your way home