Generally people know the “diet miracle” Eco Slim as a helping hand of Russian origin, also called EcoSlim. During marketing of the product,both the logo and the name were changed many times. But how does this change occur? Whatsort of active Eco Slim inhaltstoffee are present the pills? How does the supplement work? What kind of ratings, experiences and side effects have people faced? The Beauty specialists and a team of examiners have made the test and answered all the questions about this dietary health supplements.Click on the link for more facts-


Eco Slim ingredients are mentioned below

In the website of the Eco Slim  manufacturer, all ingredients are listed orderly. The quality of the product is 100% pure and each substance is ecological. The following active Eco Slim inhaltstoffee are the ones which are very necessary to weight loss simultaneously with noticeable health improvement.

1.Extract of Jamaica thyme

2.Succinic acid

3.Vitamins B12, B5, B6, B2 and B8

4.Extract of algae



7.Guarana extract


Besides being purely natural, Eco Slim is one of the productive dietary supplements inspired with Native Remedies, a USA based company that produces natural health supplements to fulfill your needs.


The Jamaican thyme (Plectranthusamboinicus)  is a known species of Thyme. This substance mainly grows in the subtropics of Africa is looks alike mint. Thyme can work magically to curecolds and coughs and to strengthen the immune system. Scientific studies say that it has a positive effect on almond and gum infections.

Eco Slim is also based on Guarana extract .Our Morofast Direct test can provide you the facts and  effect of the coffee substitute. In summary, it can be said that this ingredient will not lead to increased fat burning .Guarana is anessential  watchmaker, like caffeine .

L- carnitine is an active and ancient ingredient for those who have been trying to discover for a while the “new sensational fat burner”. EcoSlim is essentially made useing this ingredient. Several scientists has proved that the desired level of fat burning can be achieved using the L-carnitine which can be defined as a car which drives the fats into the burning pits.

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Eco Slim ingredients are rare and it is clinically trusted. The substances are purely natural to achieve the greater effects of fat burning.