Laser Therapy and Sports Injuries: A Comprehensive Guide from Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

In the world of sports, injuries are an unfortunate and often unavoidable reality. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply enjoy staying active, the risk of injury is always present. When injuries strike, the road to recovery can be long and challenging. Advancements in medical technology have opened up new avenues for treatment, and one of the most promising among them is laser therapy. In this article, we will dive into specific sports-related injuries that can be effectively treated with laser therapy, detailing the treatment process and expected outcomes based on the expertise of Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.

The Power of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photo biomodulation, is a non-invasive treatment method that uses focused light energy to stimulate healing and reduce pain. It has gained popularity recently for its remarkable ability to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, a leader in sports injury treatment, has harnessed the potential of laser therapy Cornelius NC to effectively address a range of sports-related injuries.

Treating Common Sports Injuries with Laser Therapy

Muscle Strains and Tears

Muscle injuries are among the most common in sports. Whether it’s a hamstring strain or a torn quadriceps, these injuries can be debilitating. Laser therapy works by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation in the injured area, promoting faster healing. This means less downtime for athletes and a quicker return to their respective sports.


Tendonitis, characterized by inflammation and pain in the tendons, can sideline athletes for extended periods. Laser therapy can target the affected tendons, reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular repair. This non-surgical approach can be a game-changer for athletes looking to avoid invasive procedures.

Sprains and Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries, such as a sprained ankle or a torn ACL, can profoundly impact an athlete’s career. Laser therapy can help speed up the healing process by reducing pain and inflammation while promoting tissue repair. This means athletes can get back to training and competing sooner than with traditional treatments.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are notorious for being slow to heal. Laser therapy can be used to target these fractures, stimulating bone cell activity and accelerating the healing of stress fractures. Athletes can avoid prolonged periods of inactivity and the risk of complications associated with these injuries.

The Treatment Process at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

When you visit Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy for laser therapy, you’ll experience a comprehensive and patient-centered approach. Here’s what you can expect:

Assessment: Your injury will be thoroughly assessed, including its severity and the specific tissues affected.

Customized Treatment Plan: Based on your assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be created to address your unique needs.

Laser Therapy Sessions: You will undergo laser therapy sessions, during which a low-level laser device will be applied to the injured area. These sessions are painless and usually last around 8-15 minutes depending on the area and condition.

Progress Monitoring: Your progress will be closely monitored throughout the treatment. Adjustments to the treatment plan will be made as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

Expected Outcomes

The outcomes of laser therapy at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy are truly remarkable. Patients often report:

Reduced pain and inflammation.

Faster healing and tissue repair.

Improved range of motion.

Enhanced athletic performance.

Reduced risk of re-injury.

In the world of sports, injuries are inevitable, but they don’t have to be career-ending or life-altering. With the help of cutting-edge treatments like laser therapy, athletes can bounce back stronger and faster than ever before. The Chiropractor Cornelius NC of Lakeside’s expertise in using laser therapy to treat sports-related injuries is a beacon of hope for athletes looking to recover and return to their passion. If you find yourself sidelined by a sports injury, remember that laser therapy could be your ticket back to the game you love.

Why a Chiropractor

The cutting edge DeSotochiropractor is the main doctorate level wellbeing expert on the planet that is medication and surgery free. Having a fundamentally the same as in preparing to the Medical Doctor, the Chiropractic Doctor has around ten times more sustenance preparing, alongside more radiology and indicative preparing. This settles on a chiropractor an extraordinary decision for somebody who lean towards a medication free approach.

Figure 1: Technique or administrations advertised

Around 70% of the chiropractors on the planet utilize “Enhanced” which is an accumulation of different spinal controls, by and large utilizing “movement palpation” do decide when and when to control the spine. “Gonstead” is another manipulative strategy, however is thought to be more exact and tender.

There are methods that concentrate on the upper cervical (neck) district, similar to “Chart book Orthogonal”, “Blair”, “Grostic” and NUCCA. Upper cervical specialists are uncommon, bring down drive, and thought to be incredible.

There are different techniques that concentrate on the inverse end of the spine, the sacrum and the pelvis; “Logan Basic” is a phenomenal case.

“Activator”, “Torque Release”, “Ace Adjustor”, and “Toftness” are procedures that utilization a mechanical gadget between the specialist and understanding, and are another lower compel elective.

As I would like to think, the crème de la crème of chiropractic is “System Spinal Analysis”, initially organizing thoughts from the real method branches together into a logical entire, it now has developed past that, and is thought to be one of the main body-mind modalities ever. Patients adore the “self-rectifying” nature of the work that happens amid and after conformities, at times for a considerable length of time after. A three-year investigation of more than 2800 patients discovered advantages past diminished agony, skin inflammation, and sensitivities; patients reported decreased stretch in all aspects of their life, and more fulfillment in their connections of assorted types. See the Association for Network Care for additional at

Figure 2: Ongoing Training

You need a chiropractor who keeps on learning and build up her expert aptitudes. The better chiropractors will be pleased to share all the additional preparation they have had in the wake of finishing their doctorate.

Figure 3: Personal Connection

I ask you to experiment with different chiropractors and perceive how you like them face to face. Remember that the erroneously bright persona that makes a decent impression at first might bother after the initial few visits. You don’t should be amigos with your chiropractor, yet you do need trust in their clinical aptitudes, genuineness, and truthfulness.

Calculate 4: Convenience

In the event that your spine truly needs work, it might be ideal to have the second best chiropractor who is a couple squares away as opposed to your first decision that is a two hour head out. Their available time, adaptability, and capacity to get you done in short request are different contemplations.

Calculate 5: Cost

This can be influenced by their investment in your HMO, the amount they charge, and what they suggest as far as a care arrange. Do know that there might be a false economy with the Doctor who just suggests mind until your side effects are better. My dad in-law saw one of those chiropractors for a long time. He would go see him for a few visits, until he was “better” and instructed him to return when his side effects flared once more.

When I took X-beams of his spine at age 70, there were bone goads and degeneration all through. This could have effectively been anticipated, had his chiropractor minded to accomplish more than simply get him out of his side effects. I trust my dad in-law’s chiropractor fizzled him by not doing the remedial care that he required, and now it is past the point of no return. This is the thing that I mean by false economy.

In our way of life of moment delight, it is surely less demanding to swallow little measures of chiropractic with a symptomatic introduction. In any case, a chiropractor lets you know that you require more care than you might want might be the more genuine chiropractor.

Then again, you would prefer essentially not to go see a chiropractor that offers you and other people who strolls into their office a year of care with the energetic willingness of an automobile fund supervisor offering you a service contract.


Taking these five elements into accountArticle Submission, I wish you awesome brings about finding the right chiropractor for you. If you don’t mind tell me how it works out for you.