ValueMags Edition: You Don’t Need to Look Too (A)Far

What prompts you to get away from your city or country town for a while and discover another part of the world? Is it the wildlife, the surrounding landscapes of this new location, the food that waters your taste buds or the intangible aspects of culture that you so deeply desire to get acquainted with? Seeing the world in a different lens allows one to understand humanity a little better, to have more respect for Mother Nature and all that she is capable of doing. While all these reasons are beautiful, my subscription to Valuemags’ AFAR magazine made me realize that there is one pivotal reason for being on the loose that I had forgotten: The activities that happen around the world bring you there. It’s like visiting Germany during Oktoberfest or deciding March is the perfect time to finally go to Dublin so that you make it in time to see St. Patty’s done the authentic way. While these are well-known and popular activities for travel, there are many more secretive ones that deserve to be equally acknowledged.


Sometimes You Don’t Need to Look Afar

When I found myself looking through an article about different worldly activities thanks to Valuemags’ AFAR discount, a magazine that I would have otherwise not thought to pick up, I was pleasantly ecstatic with the realization that one of these activities was only a meager one hour away from home. In a flood of activities ranging from Germany to China and Israel, I couldn’t believe that Mont-Tremblant, Canada ended up as the third item on the list. Only one hour and a bit away from Montreal, it makes sense that the category for the Tonga Lumina event was art. The Tonga Lumina is a nocturnal walk for the adventurous who enjoy being one in nature. It’s a full sensory experience where lights, music and trembling rocks come to life as you vibrate through the inquisitiveness of what the legendary mountain giant’s slumber path used to be.


Destinations for your Soul

Wishing to feed your artistic self alive with the drumming of humanity? Other destinations as Valuemags can concur with were the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival where a few days of festivities involving wine drinking, dumpling eating and boat racing are apparent. Another activity that may suit your fancy is The Legacy Museum in Alabama for those history buffs. Learn about the cruel history of African American enslavement and how the Peace Movement paved the way to better times.