The Benefits Of Juicing With The Cold Press Method

There are different ways to get juice from fruits and vegetables. However, to get the most juice it is essential to use a cold press juicer. This juicer is known to provide more vitamins because of the technology it uses. 

Instead of using blades to rip and tear the fruits and vegetables, the cold press method presses and then squeezes your food item of choice. They do not create heat during the mastication process, therefore you are left with a glass of juice that is chalked full of vitamins and ready to drink.

If you want to get the best tasting and most nutritional juice for your morning breakfast, then it is time to consider juicing versus buying store-bought juice. Most juices that are shipped to the store have very little nutrition and have possibly been contaminated or affected by temperature changes during the shipping process. Therefore, you can not enjoy the benefits that a juicer can provide when you buy your juice at the store.

Once you start juicing you will find that you feel less stressed. This is because you have the ability to pick only the freshest fruits and vegetables to obtain nutrients such as tryptophan and magnesium. 

These amino acids are found in green vegetables such as spinach and celery. You will enjoy a long nights sleep, more relaxed muscles and nerves, and feel far less stressed just from incorporating beneficial vegetables to your daily diet. There are also other benefits such as the ability to lose weight, as well as look and feel younger.

Considering the fact that these juicers are small makes them perfect for any kitchen. There is no need to continue to buy juices that are certainly not fresh nor beneficial when you have the option to create a juice blend to your liking and needs. With so many recipes online there is certainly something to suit anyone’s taste. 

If you can not find a blend that suits your liking, then you have the ability to create a juice blend that will benefit you and taste good. It may take you some time to find the perfect mixture, but before long you will feel like a connoisseur of juicing.

Most juices will last up to four days in the refrigerator. This means you will not need to make your juice every single day. You also have the ability to make multiple juices to ensure everyone in your household is getting all of the proper minerals and nutrients that they need. 

It is best to store your freshly made juices in a glass container to minimize contamination from items such as plastic or metal. These containers break down very slowly, and they can alter the flavor and quality of your juices.

To make sure you are getting the most benefits from drinking juice it is a wise decision to invest in a juicer. With the ability to look and feel younger, feel more relaxed, and lose weight there really is no reason to keep buying premade juices that serve no purpose. 

You will enjoy your juice a lot more when you get to enjoy the natural sweetness it has to offer, and the lack of preservatives and additives is a bonus anyone can appreciate. Do not wait until you are feeling down and out to make a good investment. Instead, opt to invest in preventative maintenance that can help ensure you are your healthiest self.


Adding a reverse osmosis water filter system to home is one of the most important in today’s world because as a consumer you don’t want to be exposed to nasty water contaminants any longer to yourself and your loved ones. When you purchase a purifier either directly from the manufacturer either by making a physical visit to their local store or from their web platforms, in that case generally you get they also offer you the free installation of the purifier. However, when you buy the purifier from some third-party sources the benefits of free installation you may have to compromise with.

In such scenarios knowing about the process of RO installation and charges involved in the process is helpful.

Need for an RO: – Awareness about pure and safe drinking water is going throughout the country on a large scale. People are being educated to use a water purifier to be healthy. Many organizations and companies are focused towards providing a constant supply of fresh and drinkable water to customers of the large scale who are dependent on the utilization of tap, bore well, and municipal water supply.

These brands do not just build quality water purifiers, but it also gives fast customer support and services. When a consumer buys a new RO system, the associated company ensures that all it consumers are going to have an ample amount of safe and pure water for an extended period resulting in the excellent health.

Companies are having dedicated professional to accomplish the business goals of the organization in the true sense. The multi-stage Purification of their RO purifier removes dissolved impurities and Maintains minerals. 

Superior filter with excellent build quality makes this purifier a notch above the rest. As per the WHO recommendation, these water purifier is made from 100% virgin Food Grade Plastic. The related membranes are used to control hardness present in the water. The distilled water and the deionized water is the most common forms of Purification of water, but it can also be purified by another process Like Membrane, carbon, Sediment, Microfilter, Ultra filter, and Ultraviolet.

Process of RO Installation: – A water purifier system is built of many small but complex components. So to purify the water properly and give pure, safe water at the output, this system need work intelligently.

Step Zero unbox the system and take out all the components from the box. This step can also be known as a preparation step.

Selecting the placeYou can install your RO system under a sink or in a basement. But try not to install the unit where it would be exposed to freezing temperatures. Making connecting to the icemaker or some other location can also be considered if that connection is established without using more than 12 inches of tubing. Otherwise, a delivery pump may be required for the purpose. Farther runs can be attempted, and a pump can be added later only if needed.

Membrane Installation – To install RO Membrane – the most critical component of the system open the RO cabinet containing the rest of the filters. Inside spot the membrane filter. And then as the next step remove pipes connected with the cap of filter. And in the final stage, open the cap and insert the Membrane into the filter case, then firmly close the cap again.

Assembling Filter tap and auto cut-off system – To join the Filter tap remove the screw and hold the valve into the opening provided in the water tank and place from inside the container onto the tap front-end of the system. And then put the screw that you just removed and tight the tap to get in place. Now for the ‘Auto cut-off system’ pull the floating mechanism from the wired connection. Remove the screw from the hollow cylinder and then attach filter beneath to the membrane compartment, now fix it there using the screw and then connect the electrical connection back to the cut-off system.

Connecting the Pipes – Now, start attaching the pipes of the RO purifier. The first thing is Inlet of the pre-filter has to be connected with the feed water valve attached to the tap. And then connect the outlet pre-filter to water inlet for the RO unit for the proper operation. Since the outlet of the RO unit sends out the wastewater, you need to attach a pipe to that end and leave the other purpose open into a sink or any other appropriate area for drain water. If you have purchased a wall-mount RO system, then hang the RO unit and the pre-filter on the wall and connect the system to an electric plug. And also make sure of NOT using the first batch of water produced when first installed the RO. It is always recommended to get this job done by some professional as the KentRO installation charges are very reasonable. However, a few people also like to do it by themselves.

Physical Therapy to Help Overcome Injury

Injuries are, unfortunately, a part of life, whether you’re a sports player, a runner, or just somebody with a normal lifestyle who got unlucky. Nobody can eliminate the risk of injury. Even with perfect form and adequate warm-up, random things can happen that lead to muscle damage, tendon issues and problems with ligaments. 

The good news is that we have a tool to fight back against injury: it’s called physical therapy, and it offers an enormous array of benefits. 

Check out the following. 

Reduces Pain
Injury not only stops you from exercising, engaging in sport and going about your regular daily activities, but it also causes pain. Physical therapy, however, offers a range of techniques that help to mobilize soft tissue and relieve pain, restoring muscles and joint functionality. Therapies could include ultrasound, electrical stimulation or taping, depending on the nature and severity of the injury. 

Improves Your Mobility
A drop-in mobility can lead to all kinds of quality of life issues. You may no longer be able to bend down and pick things up on the floor or step over hurdles in your path. But don’t think that you can’t recover: physical therapy is an excellent tool to help you achieve better mobility no matter what your age. Physical therapy can provide you with the tools you need, like crutches and canes, to enable you to continue moving and improve your mobility as you travel from one place to another. 

Help You to Recover from Sports Injuries
If you engage in sports for fun or for a living, then you need to be in tip-top physical condition. The human body, however, has a tendency to break, just when you rely on it the most.

Physical therapists can help you recover from a range of sports injuries, from a twisted ankle to stress fractures (common among endurance runners). You’ll get advice and consultation on how to organize your training and recovery schedule going forward. The aim is to shorten the recovery period and prevent similar issues from recurring in the future. 

Helps to Avoid Surgery
Many people require corrective surgery after an injury to reduce pain and discomfort. Physical therapy, however, may negate the need for surgery, reducing pain all by itself. It can be a great first option for those who don’t necessarily want to go under the knife. 

Improves Balance and Symmetry
Over the course of a lifetime, we can pick up bad postural habits. These habits can lead to an increased risk of injury, especially when engaged in physical activity. A physical therapist can help you to improve your posture and get you on the right track for an injury-free life. 

If you’re an older adult, physical therapists can also assess your likelihood of a fall. Regular physical therapy can strengthen muscles and improve balance, making it less likely that you’ll fall and break a hip. Physical therapy in California offers all kinds of benefits and can help overcome knee pain, back pain and other problems. If you’d like to learn more, get in contact with us today.

Use Monkey Dong for Your Employers Drug Test

Everything You Should Know About Passing Drug Tests


If you wish to pass an employment drug test, you should learn about different testing methods. 

Apart from that, you should check out the workplace illegal substances policy, see the testing methods your employer is using, and which tests are mandatory for hiring purposes as well as for random drug tests.

In some states, they can only conduct screenings for current employers in case of suspicion, injury, or accident that happened. 

They can also do it for employees that appear to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances on the job, or if they are always late and absent from work, and finally, if the productiveness and performance on work are impacted by it.

The question is how to prepare yourself for the upcoming screening especially if you consume illegal substances that may interfere with your working.

Employment Drug Screenings

According to most state laws, private employers can screen applicants and potential employees for drug use. 

Of course, they have to give relevant notice to everyone that testing is mandatory part of employment process, and they have to use certified labs and screens for all applicants while hiring them.

Remember that state laws will restrict the testing procedures, which means that some states may allow applicant screenings, but only if the employer gave him notice as well a drug-testing policy in which states that the condition for employment is passing a test.

You should check out your state’s regulations when it comes to screenings so that you can determine laws that will protect you in case something happens. Some employers have federal requirements to screen potential employees for drug use

For instance, federal agencies such as the Department of Offense and Department of Transportation have mandatory regulations that require them to conduct screenings for both applicants and current employees.

They are following the OTETA (Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act) that mandates that all operators of mass vehicles, aircraft and commercial motor vehicles to be tested along the way.

On the other hand, private sector employers can conduct drug screenings but by following specific regulations and state laws.

Types of Drug Screenings

Urine Drug Test

You are probably aware that urinalysis is the most popular drug test of choice, and according to statistics, more than 90% of employers are using it. Since the active substances remain in our bloodstream for a short time, the urinalysis is checking for presence of drug metabolites.

For instance, if you smoked marijuana, you have ingested THC within the bloodstream. After a few metabolic cycles, your body will break it down into byproducts, in which the most important one is THC-COOH that will enter your urine.

Since it is fat-soluble, it will linger inside the fatty tissue and release every seven days, so you will not be able to pass the test on short notice. Most experts state that weed remains in body for at least two weeks if you are a moderate user, but for heavy users it may remain for months.

The main problem with urinalysis is the idea that you will be able to beat it with ease by following numerous methods and strategies that will help you. Remember that every single attempt to cheat a test is considered as law violation.

Therefore, if they catch you, the consequences can be severe such as declining your application or terminating your contract. 

The best way to pass a drug test without risks is to abstain, but since some substances tend to remain inside the urine for weeks and even months, that may be problematic to do it on short notice.

  1. Blood Test

The most invasive drug testing method is blood screening, but when compared with others, it is highly accurate. However, it detects the presence of active substances, which means that it features short window of detection. 

It is the best choice if you wish to check out whether an individual is currently impaired or under the influence, which is why law enforcement agencies are conducting them after accidents or specific injuries.

Remember that when you consume weed, for instance, THC will enter your bloodstream. However, in a matter of hours, you will be able to cleanse your blood and break active substances into byproducts that will enter other parts of your body.

Entering this webpage will bring you towards a site that will explain to you the common ways of passing urinalysis.

Blood testing is the most expensive solution, and they are not so common for employment because it requires plenty of money, and it is not efficient for long detection windows. 

Since most drugs we consume tend to leave bloodstream in a matter of 24 hours, it is efficient only for detecting whether someone used anything in the last few hours from the moment of testing.

  1. Hair Drug Test

Even though it is not popular as other types and methods, you should have in mind that hair analysis is the most challenging to beat, which is why it is gaining momentum and popularity in the last few years.

The test will check out for the presence of drug metabolites that will enter hair follicles from bloodstream, and become the part of newly grown hair in five days after consumption. 

The hair test can offer you the most extended window of detection that will determine presence of drugs as well as patterns of drug abuse. 

Therefore, if you consumed a specific medication for some time, and you abstained from it, the test will tell your employer everything about your past issues.

Check here to learn everything about the OTETA, so that you can understand the current federal regulations. 

The main controversy surrounding hair analysis is the contamination because if you have small amount of smoke or powder in your hair, that may cause false-positive results. 

That is the main reason why laboratories are conducting two tests, first one for determining whether an individual is positive or negative, and the second one to conclude the results.