Once Again Perini Navi Turns Perfect On Yacht’s Rigging System Of Present Time

Perini Navi has well-tuned the Falcon Rig sailing system of Maltese Falcon, which is for maximum enjoyment and performance of the lifestyle of yachting.

Initially, the Maltese Falcon yacht was not the kind of a classic yacht. This was different and was kind of a new class. It had the innovative system for sailing that is the Falcon Rig and this set the milestone in the history of yachting when it was handover by Perini Navi in the year 2006.

After 12 years, this Italian shipyard has developed the present naval architecture, creating a platform for sailing-yacht which is unique and the best.Perini on this said, “In the last three years time we are engaged in adapting the technology of Maltese Falcon to the present time platform, from 42 meters to up to 92 meters. According to our believe this will make the boat performing as well as add lifestyle element in it and make it the complete package.”

In the 72-meter version case that is (236-foot), there is a much wider platform that means it has a higher volume, it will keel over less; it will let extra spacious owner accommodation. The transom and wider hull give a layout to the yacht that is commonly visible on the bigger motor yachts that come with beach platform, an interior and exterior theme, and open side hull. The rise in power means higher velocity.

Therefore, Falcon Rigs could be pumped to their limits, and the design gives enough space to guests so that they can walk around and take pleasure in the boat safely. The 262-foot Falcon Rig features the beach club as well and has stairs that let them go down to the swim platform. There are terrace folds coming down from the side hull and this offer lounging and sunning space to guests.

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