Fine Options for the Best Teeth Now

Teeth should be cleaned twice a day rather than being careless three times. Especially important in dental care is the area around the neck of the tooth: it should be cleaned very thoroughly so that bacteria and germs cannot get into it. And anyone who cleans the interdental spaces with floss or other aids every evening and, moreover, intensively brushes his teeth once a week, makes a good contribution to preventing tooth decay and periodontitis.

The Optimal Brushing Technique

Every patient should take at least three minutes for each brushing. It can be helpful to always clean the teeth in the same order, for example according to the KAI classification: first the chewing surfaces, then the teeth outside and finally inside. Ideally, the toothbrush should be passed over the tooth surfaces with little pressure. This means: take the toothbrush in the fist and perform gentle movements – so no scrubbing to protect the gums. Get more information for the same from

The Ideal Toothbrush

Hard or soft, manual or electric – the best way to determine the optimal toothbrush is with the dentist or the prophylactic staff.

Patients should pay attention to rounded bristles when purchasing, as they are especially gentle on the gums. It is also important to change the toothbrush regularly. A new brush should be used every eight weeks because damaged bristles can injure the gums – and the cleaning effect wears off, making it easier for bacteria to lodge.

The Right Toothpaste

Fluorides are proven to be one of the main reasons for the decline in caries in industrialized countries. Therefore patients should always choose toothpaste with fluoride. The Prophylaxemitarbeiterin or the dentist also advises on Toothpaste and fluorides.

Dental Floss, Dental Floss And Co.

Dental floss and interdental brushes are the oral hygiene aids that have prevailed. At least one of these aids should be used regularly to clean the interdental spaces. The use of oral hygiene aids must be practiced. The prophylactic staff or the dentist likes to demonstrate the use.

Chewing Makes The Teeth Good

Chewing gum after eating does not cleanse the plaque. However, they stimulate saliva production. Saliva, on the other hand, ensures that the minerals removed from the enamel by the food are stored more quickly. “You should chew it five to ten minutes after eating. Two hours later they bring little. Basically, chewing gum does not replace brushing your teeth. They are just a supplement to dental care and should be sugar free.

Pay Attention To The Subtleties Of Toothpaste

Toothpaste should contain fluoride. This protects against tooth decay. Toothpaste for children up to six years should contain a maximum of 500 ppm (parts per million parts per million), adult toothpaste 1450 ppm.

You should also make sure that the toothpaste does not contain too rough a cleaning body. Standard toothpaste has between 40 and 70 RDA, bleaching toothpaste more than 100. The RDA value describes how much a cream wears off the tooth. He does not stand on every toothpaste.

7 Effective Spells that Work Instantly

As a beginner witch, it’s important to gain confidence by performing spells that work without wait. Here are 7 of the best introductory spells for beginners

Finding spells that work for a beginner witch are important to increase your budding confidence in the craft. They are also important to get a novice caster to become more comfortable with rituals, when the best time to work magic is, and how to assemble and become comfortable with ingredients necessary for spells. These spells that work instantly can be easily performed by a witch of any level without taking a whole lot of energy, and you won’t have to wait to see the results of your hard work! They will be waiting for you when you awake the next day, making it easier for you to tweak your practices and tailor your magical prowess to your specific skill sets.

It’s important to note, that we assume anyone that is using these spells already has a good idea of the basics of witchcraft. You have to know how to properly focus and manifest your power, cleanse your space and mind, as have a good grasp on oils and lunar cycles before you can turn spells into spells that work. Got that already? Great! Here’s a list of 7 spells that work instantly!

Protection Spells That Work

  • Salt
  • Full moon

This is a simple protection spell that works for the beginner, which you can begin to feel the effects of immediately. Negative energies can sap a witch’s power and reduce the effectiveness or even completely change the power of spells that you will perform. Knowing how to place a basic protection spell, either for your whole house or just for your circle is an important step in any spell work. Ensure that you have enough salt for whichever ground you choose to place the protection spell on. Place the salt in a clear container or jar and place in the full moonlight for at least 20 minutes. This allows the salt to become energized from the moon. When you retrieve the container, you should be able to perceive the energy held within it. Sprinkle the salt around any ground you choose to protect in a clockwise fashion, creating a full and uninterrupted circle. As you sprinkle the salt, envision purity and protection. Ask the spirits for a blessing and as you walk, envision that protective energy flowing from you hand into the salt as it hits the ground. Sometimes, incantations or prayers are helpful here, to help keep your mind focused. Once you close the circle, ended at where you began, focus on clearing any negative energies and see a sphere of protective energy surrounding the ground in which you have just cast the spell around. Spells that work in this way will instantly cleanse and protect any area where they have been performed. Keep extra charged salt on hand to use for this protective spell anytime you draw a circle or an altar.

Love Spells That Work

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Rose petals
  • Oil incense burner
  • Two red taper candles and holders
  • Charcoal
  • Small jar or bottle
  • Waxing gibbous

Cast a protection spell and purify your mind before beginning. Begin this ritual during a late waxing gibbous so that the oil can absorb more power from the moon light, this ensures spells that work more readily. Steep the rose petals in the extra virgin olive oil for seven days. While mixing the ingredients, focus on thoughts of love, both giving love and receiving love. This is best left outside in an area that will absorb both sun light and moon light. After seven days, strain the rose petals from the oil. Set the oils aside in a small jar or bottle. Cast a circle or prepare an altar. In the middle of the circle or alter, place the oil burner. On either side of the oil burner, place the red tapered candles in their holders. In front of the line you have just created, place the charcoal, rose petals, and jar of oil. Anoint the candles in the oil. Any leftover oil should be rubbed on the wrists, temples, and chest over the heart. Center your mind on manifesting love. Believe that love will come to you and see its energy flowing through you and into your materials. Light the charcoal and use its flame to light the tapered candles. Place the lit charcoal into the basin of the oil burner. Sprinkle the rose petals over the charcoal. Focus on the smoke that rises from the petals and see it intermingle with the flames of the candles. In the smoke and flame, see yourself receiving love and feel it drawing near. Ask the spirits for help in bringing you your desires. See you self-happy and attractive, with your love next to you. Become buoyant with feelings of love. When you feel the power of the spell take hold, release your circle and thank the spirits for their help. Every morning, place a small amount of oil on your wrists, neck, temples, and chest over your heart. Spells that work in this way should immediately make the caster feel more confident and alluring. This will draw your love to you soon.

Money Spells That Work

  • Cauldron or mason jar
  • coin
  • water
  • Full moon

Put the cauldron or mason jar in an area where the full light of the moon will shine on it directly. Take a moment to cleanse the water you will be using. Place your coin at the bottom of the cauldron or jar. Pour in the water and as you do, manifest thoughts of fertility and growth. See yourself amassing income and show gratitude for what will be. As you focus on growth and wealth, watch the light of the moon fill your jar and energize the water. Once energized, pour the water over the earth, thanking the spirits for their generosity. Keep the coin near you at all times, either in a pocket or as a charm. Money spells that work in this way show an improvement in income.

Health and Wellness Spells That Work

  • Your hands

Cast your circle or alter. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts or worries and ask for the aid of high spirits. Once you feel the presence of any helping spirit, allow your hands to place themselves wherever they are compelled to be. Invision pure, loving energy coming from the source and entering into your body. As the energy fills you with bright white light, will the energy into your hands. As your hands fill with the pure energy, they will begin to warm, sometimes even take a reddish hue. Once your hands have become charged with the healing energies from the universe, allow them to hover over any area where you feel healing is most needed. Focus only on the purity of the energy flowing into the space that you are healing. Allow the energy to flow for as long as you feel necessary. Thank the higher spirits and release your circle, instantly feeling relief from your ailment. Spells that work in this way, reduce suffering and promote healing. Because you will be using a gift of higher spirit energy, these spells should not make you feel as though your own energy has been taxed.

Cleansing Spells That Work

  • Bath or free flowing natural water*
  • Peppermint oil
  • Epsom salt
  • Rose hips
  • Sea salt
  • *Sachet and long cord

Place three drops of peppermint oil, ½ cup each of Epsom and Sea salts, and a handful of rose hips into the draw waters of a warm bath. Stir the contents clockwise. *If you are using a free flowing natural water bath, put the ingredients in a sachet and place the sachet on a loose cord around your neck before soaking. Before you enter into the water or place the sachet around your neck, clear your mind of any troubling thoughts and ask the spirits to bless this bath. See any troubles flow from your body and cake onto the outside of your skin, like mud. Envision this shell becoming thick as you will out any discomforts from your body. Before stepping into the waters, use your hands to brush off this caked layer of discomfort, shedding worries and troubles. Envision your skin gleaming with white light each time you brush away the layer of emotional mud. Once you have brushed yourself clean of the mud, step into the waters and allow them to complete the cleansing purification. Spells that work in this way penetrate into your muscles and every cell of your body, going far beyond just surface cleansing. See yourself stepping away from the waters fresh and rejuvenated.

Success Spells That Work

  • yellow candle
  • candle holder or plate
  • dagger
  • New, Waxing gibbous, or Full moon

Gather your ingredients, cast your circle, and perform a protection charm. Using your dagger, carve a symbol of your success into the candle. This symbol should represent the success you’re looking for. It can be anything as long as it represents whatever it is you would like to excel at. Light the candle and place it onto the holder or plate. Focus your energy, mind, and third eye on the flame of the candle. As you watch the flame, clearly manifest your success and happiness. See yourself in this position of success and believe it to be true. Focus on this as long as need be to make it so. When you feel that you have achieved pure focus and your desires have been noted, release your circle, but allow the candle to continue burning until it has burned out. Collect the wax and keep it in a safe place. Return to the wax often and envision your success, showing gratitude to the spirits as you notice yourself becoming more successful.

Intuition Spells That Work

  • Drawstring bag
  • Herbs
    • Mugwort
    • Wormwood
    • Lavender
    • Rosemary
  • Dream Diary

Once you have gathered your ingredients, cast your circle or alter, and performed a protection charm, begin by placing a pinch of each herb in the bag. As you do, focus your intentions on increasing your dreams and opening your third eye, refocus your intentions for each herb added. Once you have placed all of the herbs in the bag, tie it closed and hold it between your palms. Close your eyes and see your third eye opening. Focus with your third eye on the contents of the bag and will your desires for intuition and increased dream wisdom into the herbs. Once you feel that this has been accomplished, release your circle and place the sachet under your pillow. As your dreams flow freely, make note of them in your dream journal and gain increased intuition from your third eye.

True Options For the Right Detoxification Here Now

Detoxification of the body is the main method of narcology, which allows you to get rid of the effects of drugs on the internal organs and systems of a person, his psyche. With the help of detoxification effectively stop the symptoms of physical dependence, which makes it possible to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient and purposefully continue the treatment of drug addiction until complete recovery. If you want to part with dependency forever and return to a healthy lifestyle, the National Antinarcotic Union offers to use the services of its partners, regional rehabilitation centers and clinics, and undergo the procedure of detoxification, which is the first stage of a full-fledged drug therapy.

Indications for detoxification of the body with addiction

Detoxification of the body with addiction is shown to absolutely everyone dependent on psychoactive substances. Drugs have the property of accumulating in the body, forming toxins and harmful slags, which will negatively affect the work of all human organs, causing chronic diseases, psychoses, and personality degradation.

Any refusal to use drugs should be accompanied by detoxification. At the initial stages of the development of the disease a person can independently overcome the breakdown. But, this does not guarantee that the disease will not return a relapse. After all, the toxins that remain in his body will gradually poison his organs, and affect the psyche. In addition, in such cases there is a high risk of severe complications, since the body of dependent people can function normally only in the presence of a drug. Therefore, it is best to undergo the procedure of detoxification by calling an expert in narcology at home or going to a hospital. In https://lighthousetreatment.comyou will get the best option now.

Only a narcologist can determine if a detoxification of the patient’s body is necessary, in what way, and what contraindications should be taken into account. Take it seriously to your health. Safeguard yourself from the toxins by taking the help of specialists from the narcological clinic.

How is the body detoxification?

Depending on the indications, detoxification of the body is organized at home in a patient or in a hospital. In all cases, it will consist of a complex of medical and psychological measures.

  • First of all, medication is prescribed. With the help of medicines, toxins are bound and removed from the tissues and organs of the patient. Then prescribe symptomatic drugs that will help to remove withdrawal, eliminate depression, restore mental balance, normalize biochemical processes, sleep, increase appetite, strengthen the body.
  • We all know that when you drink alcohol, the liver and its enzymes suffer most. They begin to work in emergency mode, which leads to rapid combustion of the body and the formation of cirrhosis. Preparations for detoxification contain hepatoprotectors, which protect liver enzymes, which exert an antioxidant effect.

Without the use of a detoxification program in the clinic, the independent withdrawal of substances will happen only after 21 days. And it is unlikely that this will happen if a person continues to indulge his dependence and take forbidden and dangerous substances. Independent recovery of the brain after drug addiction is impossible, it is necessary to undergo a procedure in a sanatorium.

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Carrie Bradshaw’s String of Boy Drama And 3D Logo Making

Why the Obsession with Carrie?


Everyone is obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw and her lavish life as a writer and fashionista in the Sex and the City television series. She lives the ultimate socialite’s life, spending her days drinking mimosas over brunch with her three best gals, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, trapezing into new romantic affiliations in the hustle and bustle of the city, and writing about sex and love in her weekly column.


Not to mention, viewers had a deeply-seeded envy for Carrie’s high fashion closet and shoe and bag addiction. It was not uncommon to see her walk her way down Fifth Avenue with a mission to buy a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s (if you’re not familiar, these shoes cost anywhere from $995 to $1,500 at Nordstrom’s).


Her Consistent Side Hustles


No matter what kind of predicament you got into, Carrie was there for you. On her spare time, when she wasn’t working hard at being a socialite, buying cute designer finds or writing her column, she got deep into arts by starting up a side hustle as a 3D logo maker. Her friend Pete and her loved to work with new up and coming designers that wanted the perfect designer logo to launch their brand during New York Fashion Week, and she simply had the willpower to get the best designers in line to make their wishes a reality.


Friendship No Matter the Walk of Life


She was also the best friend a girl could ask for. Nowadays, we see television stars who aren’t always there for their friends when the going gets tough. Their language is not always supportive, instead giving off a cruel vibe that their friends need to just figure it out for themselves and get over their issues. While this star shed a very bright light on set, some viewers weren’t her greatest fan. Instead, they preferred the wild Samantha for her cool ways, or Miranda who had it all together at all times—even when she didn’t really. Or even the kind-hearted Charlotte who cared deeply for all of her friends trials and tribulations and consistently stood up for them no matter what.


It’s Not Only About You

Many fans of the show got annoyed with Carrie at the end of the series since she was showcases as a selfish, narcissistic lady who always loved to talk about her problems with the 3D logo company she has begun to fund and boy drama over regular Sunday brunches. While Carrie was often there for her best friends, one moment that everyone harps on is the fact that Carrie spends way too much money on shoes that she doesn’t have anything left for rent. She gets Charlotte to then pawn her old engagement ring so that she can pay for the month. Instead of returning many of the shoes that are barely worn and cost the entirety of her rent, she goes to her best friend to sell a prized – yet no longer sentimental— possession. Rude.

5 Positive Life Habits That Actually Work

Making positive changes in your life is no small task. Whether it’s eating a few more veggies every day, exercising regularly, or quitting drugs and alcohol for good, every change takes strong willpower and determination. By incorporating small changes into your daily routine, you can make a big impact in your life over the long term.

I personally struggled with drug and alcohol abuse throughout my youth. I used harmful substances as an escape from the harsh realities of my life. It wasn’t until I checked into drug rehab that I decided to make a big change in my life and get sober for good. It didn’t happen overnight, but by committing to various small changes and healthy habits, I got clean and haven’t looked back since. I’ve now been sober for over eight years and can’t imagine the person I’d be had I not made that decision to cut drugs and alcohol out of my life.

This article is about the 5 positive life habits I incorporated into my life to get sober and live healthier. I’ve learned so much since the day I decided to get clean in alcohol detox and rehab, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with the world. However, you don’t have to be struggling with drug or alcohol abuse to integrate these habits into your life. Each one of these habits can make a positive impact in anyone’s life!

  1. Positivity is Knowing How to Make Your Day a Good One

Positive people are proactive, not reactive. Sitting around, taking no action, but still expecting things to change for the better is not the attitude of a positive person. Positive people are always thinking about a way to get involved in how their own lives are built. They consistently strive to make the most out of every single day because they know that time is the most valuable currency.

Take some time to reflect on what makes a day “good” to you. Maybe it’s spending some time with family or friends. Perhaps it’s as simple as treating yourself to a cappuccino. Whatever the case may be, discovering how to make your day a good day is one of the keys to living a great life.

  1. Positivity is Empowerment

Positivity is all about empowering yourself and taking control of your own thoughts. Being positive is a choice we make every single day when we wake up. A positive person is ok with receiving support and help from those that are safe to be around – this was a vital part of the beginning of my recovery process.

Positive people recognize their basic human rights, have developed a healthy sense of self-respect for themselves, regardless of their faults and limitations, and, probably most importantly, they know how to forgive and move on.

  1. Positivity is Knowing the Difference between Letting Go&Quitting

There is a huge difference between letting go and quit. Some situations become unmanageable or unworkable, and positive people know when to step back from them and let go.

It’s not quitting – it’s personally deciding that something is simply not working. It’s having the mental fortitude to recognize that it’s time for a change. Beliefs, ideas, even the people we are around can all be changed if we decide, on a personal level, that they are simply no good for us. The difference between positive people and negative people – negative people just quit.

  1. Positivity is about Possibilities, Not Limitations

Positive people recognize their capabilities and rejoice in them. They know, without a doubt, that they can’t solve every problem, but they do solve the ones they can. Keeping this mindset was crucial during my recovery. I encourage you to adapt this mindset yourself to discover the infinite possibilities that exist for you.

Additionally, positive people constantly seek self-improvement, be it personally, academically or professionally. They are constantly seeking ways to grow personally and intellectually, which leads to self-satisfaction and a rewarding life.

  1. Positivity is Leaving the Past in the Past

Everyone has bad memories. Dealing with them is a part of life. Positive people leave such memories where they happened (and where they belong) – in the past. For a positive person, it is more important to create a good memory today than to dwell on the past.

Unfortunately, negative people tend only to revisit the bad memories, and they do so constantly. Would you consider that to be a healthy way to live?

60% Today, 60% Tomorrow…

The last thing I want to mention is this: 60% of what we do today, we will do tomorrow. We are human and we are creatures of habit. It makes a lot of sense to ensure that those habits are good and positive ones. I always keep this in mind when I start my day. What habits do you want to form today, and what habit do you want to leave behind?

So there you have it – 5 positive life habits that actually work. Feel free to share them with your network, family, and friends. Maybe you have other habits that have worked for you? If so, please also feel free to share with a comment below.


What to look for in a groceries app

It’s established that online shopping is a gift that technology bestows upon us. We can save time and cash and still get shopping done in the comfort of our seats. One less thing anyone has to contend with is getting an ICBC surrey after an accident on your way to and from the store. Apps have changed how we shop but knowing which one is the best companion for our needs is not always straightforward. Here is a checklist of features to consider when settling for an online grocery shopping app

It feels like an actual store

Most people are comfortable with online shopping,but people tend to lean toward shopping experiences that feel like being at the actual store. How does that look like on an app? It could mean having the option of looking up and down aisles albeit digital, vivid 3D images of the item being removed from the shelf and being put into a cart. While not everyone may particularly care about this aspect, it’s a bonus to have so that stopping by an actual store does not feel like an alien experience.

The accept coupons

Part of creating the experience mentioned in the previous point is accepting coupons. Everyone loves getting a good deal,and in these economic times, this rings true. Given that more than half of Americans opt to buy items when they are on sale, it would help to gravitate to toward an app that gives you that opportunity. Whether it’s inserting the serial number or scaring the bar code, get an app that accords you the chance to save.


It is likely that you will buy the same things each time same as most people. Therefore, look for an app that stores your purchase history to make each time you come back that much faster. That means having items and brands that you stick to displayed first for efficiency purposes. It also helps to have an app that suggests similar items for a day you’re feeling spontaneous and want to switch things up.

Scheduling and pre-ordering

If you prefer sticking to a time table, then this function would be helpful. Look for an app that gives you the option of making repeat purchases whether that is weekly or monthly. That makes shopping one less thing to have on your mind as the app will give you notifications to remind you in case you need to cancel. If your app has a physical store, you can send in your order and pick it up on your way home


Berry Sleepy and also Berry Awake Honored With the Prominent REX Award

The Medicine Shop News Retail Quality Honors (REX) aim to assist sellers in recognizing those brands that could help them to make a difference in meeting customer needs.


This is especially essential with the increased development of the HBC all-natural products segment, a group that has been growing gradually at double-digits for at the very least five years. The cutting-edge Berry Sleepy and also Berry Awake berry-based supplements were amongst the brands singled out by the current Drug Shop News Retail Quality honor.


Honor Winning, Natural Sleep and also Power Supplements

Honor Winning, All-natural Rest and Power Supplements

Berry Sleepy is an effective, natural super fruit-based rest help. Berry Sleepy had its beginning in Kansas City with two sleep-deprived parents trying to find an all-natural way to get some much- required sleep.


Adrienne, as well as Greg Doring, had attempted a lot of the over-the-counter synthetic rest aids yet were increasingly put off by the awful side effects. The young couple decided they would endeavor to make a much better sleep aid, natural with no side effects.


Via Adrienne’s, a pharmacist, the Dorings could deal with the right formulators who recognized their objective. It was here that Berry Sleepy was born.


The couple saw the requirement for their product in the market and wanted to aid others to attain a good evening’s sleep without artificial ingredients or side effects and also improve the high quality of their lives as they had with Berry Sleepy.


In 2016, with the help of Tim Prier as well as James Lacey, the firm moved its main office to Westlake Town, California.


From there James Lacey and also his team at Healthy and balanced Ventures have increased the Berry Sleepy product to consist of a 60-count (SRP 24.99), a 24-count veg cap (SRP $9.99) and Berry Sleepy Sleep Shots in 2 fantastic tasting flavors, Strawberry and Mixed Berry (SRP $3.99).


The Healthy and balanced Ventures team has expanded the line to include an all-natural way to wake up with Berry Awake Energy shots! Lacey’s group saw the demand for an all-natural option to the synthetic power shots that damage the body. Berry Awake currently can be found in Strawberry and Mixed Berry with two brand-new tastes, Orange-Mango and Strawberry-Banana, due out in the 2nd fifty percent of 2018. All Berry Awake Energy shots are line priced at an SRP of $3.99.


Author profile on Prezi:


Not only has Lacey’s group broadened Berry Sleepy’s line of product and added a new classification to their collection with Berry Awake Natural Power Picture, yet they have likewise coordinated with the acclaimed Kathy Ireland. The Berry Sleepy team interviewed by Kathy Ireland on her show, Modern Dealing with Kathy Ireland, on innovative sleep remedies. They will be recording at Burbank Studios on April 17, 2018.



How to maintain your walk-in freezer

A good quality walk-in freezer can make all the difference for a restaurant. Keeping perishable foods fresh is imperative; however, when something goes wrong with a walk-in freezer, this can end up quite costly. The best way to prevent unexpected costs is to ensure you maintain your walk-in freezer properly.

Image Credit

Keeping it clean

It sounds obvious but keeping your walk-in freezer clean will go a long way towards maintaining the freezer’s life; however, you need to bear in mind the correct way to clean it. There are a multitude of chemical cleaners on the market, but you can’t go far wrong with plain old soap and water. Keep the freezer regularly swept and clean up any unexpected spills straightaway.

Blades and fan coils

It is also important that you don’t forget to clean the critical elements of your walk-in freezer, including the fan coils and blades, although for health and safety reasons it is probably better to ask a registered maintenance technician to do this. Whilst they are there, it is beneficial if you set up a maintenance programme to ensure the lifespan of the freezer is achieved. This will not only save you money on repair costs but will also ensure – if you are a restaurant owner – that your kitchen remains open at all times.

Image Credit


Clear fluctuations in the temperature are a sure sign that there is something going wrong with your walk-in freezer. If you have the correct technology that records and stores operational history over a 10-year period, this shouldn’t happen to you. There is no danger of you not realising, as there are built-in alarms that will give you good warning.

Commercial cold rooms

Commercial cold rooms are the ideal solution for large-scale caterers, providing large, workable spaces for a multitude of different foods and ingredients without the puzzle of how to fit everything in, which can be an issue with regular-sized freezers. These cold rooms are widely available online from specialists such as Make sure you are aware of both the pros and cons before you buy.

It is also important to regularly inspect the hinges and door seals on your walk-in freezer and lubricate them every four months. Make sure you don’t leave the door open overnight, keep it clean and regularly maintained, and you won’t go far wrong.