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Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women | Lovehairstyles.Com

10 Super Short Curly Hairstyles for A Totally New You

Short curly hairstyles are one of the best-preferred hairstyles by the ladies who value every second of their time, and yet they require to remain gorgeous and look classy at the same time. This hairstyle gives them more time for their activities as they are easy to wear and don’t require much maintenance.

You only need to use less product, and you will rock cool in the summer, and during the winter, all you will need is just a scarf! But, should you always look the same? Absolutely no! Here we have highlighted some of the trendy short curly hairstyles for your consideration.



  • Short Curly Pixie


This cute long pixie will give your natural curls a new definition. It is a perfect type of short curly hairstyles that will keep you feeling fresh the whole day.


  • Rosy Bob


This is a mixed bob for wavy hair. The outstanding feature of this hairstyle is the colour. The light rose tint seems much cheerful, and the texture it brings is something to admire.


  • Curly Pixie


It is most appropriate in natural curls. It opens up the face well and is perfect for ladies with wavy or curly hair.


  • Natural Pixie


Just like the curly pixie, this one is ideal for natural curls and extraordinarily opens the face. It is perfect for women with curly or wavy hair.


  • Layered Bob


It is created by use of a DevaCutting method. It is an excellent haircut because it is a-wash clean, apply a product, and go type of short curly hairstyles. It appears attractive in almost all face shapes, especially triangular and oval faces. Don’t try it in an inverted triangle or round faces.


  • Piecey Pixie


The favourite thing about this hairstyle is the soft girlish pieces that engulf the face, as well as the portions of curls that swing freely around the head. It is the best choice for women with wavy textured hair.


  • Foxy Undercut


It is a “feisty foxy Roxy”. It is a composition of tailored asymmetrical and exhaustive undercut. The haircut is quite versatile due to its undercut, and the sideburn can be customised to curl on either side. Ideal for women with thick and wavy hair that is somehow edgy and versatile.

If you don’t like regular maintenance of the hair, stay away from this one. It requires a maintenance regime of four to six weeks.


  • Spring Delight


Everyone falls in love with the manner in which the colours complement each other to come up with exclusively enhanced curls.

But this one is not for the ill-fainted. You need to spare a lot of time and money for it as it requires single colouring  monthly to stay fresh and lively.


  • Short Curly Pomp


This curly pompadour is undercut at the crown, and the top is left undisrupted to create the wholeness and enough room for turbidity. Ideal for chics with multi-textured hair.

Making The Most Of A Dry Situation

The Western Cape is experiencing one of the most severe droughts in its history. One of the hardest hit industries in all this is the fruit producing agricultural sector. Fruit produce has dropped significantly, which is affecting both the economy and employment in the region. If the farms are not producing, they cannot continue paying workers, and the economic situation will keep spiralling downward. But there are solutions available to help farming in South Africa.

Increase irrigation efficiency

One of the symptoms of a droughts is a severe drop in naturally available water. The compounding factors of low rainfall and dams drying up means that more and more farmers are turning to irrigation from sources like municipal or underground water. Agriculture in South Africa has thankfully seen many efficient developments by irrigation suppliers thanks to the country’s naturally more arid conditions.

Many fruit farmers in South Africa have established orchards for their crops. The benefit of this for the Western Cape fruit farmers is that orchards are the ideal place to use micro-irrigation systems such as drip irrigation. Briefly put, drip irrigation systems make use of specially placed emitters to drip smaller, more exact amounts of water directly to the roots of the plants.

Micro-irrigation increases efficiency of water usage in two ways. Firstly, by using drip emitters and special control systems farmers are able to provide the exact amount of water necessary at the perfect intervals. For example, farms with soil that doesn’t soak up water quickly would need to water more frequently and in smaller amounts. Secondly, much less water is wasted through evaporation and runoff, as it is applied directly. Together this can account for a massive saving on water usage.

Lower plant transpiration

Transpiration is the process by which water travels through the plant and is released as water vapour from the leaves and stem. This may seem inevitable, but there are methods available to reduce this loss of water for agriculture in South Africa.

Transpiration rates in plants are determined by numerous factors such as humidity, sunlight and the plant’s nutritional status. The nutritional status of a plant is of particular interest here, because when a plant does not have enough of the correct nutrients it is forced to absorb more water. This is because the plant is attempting to draw more nutrients from the soil. However, this extra water cannot be used efficiently and so it expelled as vapour.

By improving the nutritional status of their plants farmers in South Africa will be able to worry less about their plants drawing excess water. There are various fertilisers and chemical compounds available that are perfect for adding the ideal nutrients into the soil, and the difference in both crop quality and water efficiency is evident.

Aside from lower plant transpiration and increasing irrigation efficiency, farming in South Africa will also benefit from an effective source of supplier information. The AgriFoodSA directory is a great source for said information, with contact details for suppliers of nearly any agricultural products you might need. Check it out!