The Importance of Psychology in Your Daily Life

Do you think psychology is just for academics and therapists? Griffith Littlehale points out the practical study of psychology, which is rooted in the scientific and medical disciplines.

Psychology provides the knowledge and practices needed to help people on an emotional and mental level, according to psychology student Griffith Littlehale, who attends the University of Toledo. In this article, we’ll look at ways psychology can transform lives and why students choose this field of study.

How Does Psychology Help People?

Psychology teaches people why they act how they do. This insight can help patients understand their habits and behaviors and, when needed, change them. From stress management to addictive behaviors to personality disorders, psychology holds the key to helping patients live fuller lives and gain control over their thoughts and feelings. Since nearly everyone can benefit from psychological services, it’s also a great career choice, per Griffith Littlehale.

Ways People Use Psychology Every Day Without Even Knowing It 

Many people study psychology because they want to better understand themselves and those around them. Psychologists perform an important role in helping others come to terms with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Here are four ways Griffith Littlehale says that understanding psychology better can help you in the workplace and life in general.

1. Learn About Psychology to Better Understand Yourself and Society.

Psychology is based on scientific methods and uses proven techniques to develop effective treatment methodologies. By learning more about psychology, you can learn what motivates individuals and societies to do the things they do. There is no doubt that individuals can impact society and vice versa. So, it follows that learning psychology can help individuals have a more significant impact on those around them. Griffith Littlehale explains it can also help you exact significant changes that better the human condition.

2. Psychology Helps You Develop Richer Relationships.

By studying family, personal and professional relationships and how they develop, you can actively pursue more profound, more meaningful interactions with those around you. If you currently have difficult relationships in your life, learning more about psychology can help you get to the heart of the issue and make peace with those you care about.

3. Psychology builds critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking teaches you to take a step back and evaluate a situation intellectually. By taking the time to consider all the facts prior to making decisions, you can gain better control over your life. This is also how psychologists uncover what’s stopping patients from reaching their personal and professional goals. Through critical thinking, individuals can improve their decision-making skills and change their behaviors. Thus, it is the crux of helping people develop into the best versions of themselves.

4. Positive psychological practices can transform the workplace.

Most people want a comfortable working environment, and some value it even more than high wages. By using psychology, both employers and employees can create a positive work culture. Psychology links many parts of the organization and can create a productive workplace with fulfilled employees.

When conflicts arise, a psychologist or human resources specialist can smooth over feelings to help employees work together without resentment. According to Griffith Littlehale, that can result in a win-win situation and encourage employees to handle situations with empathy rather than resentment.