How to eat your way to good health

A little bit of what you fancy is not a problem, especially during the holidays. One way to ensure you start 2018 off right is to take an interest in where your food is coming from and making a point of eating fresh, local produce.

Add fresh produce to every meal

Changing your eating habits doesn’t have to mean completely changing your diet. You can start off small. If you are eating large amounts of junk food, cut down on the amount you eat every day, especially if your children are too.

If you are eating oatmeal for breakfast, add a banana for a potassium boost. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your lunch; you don’t necessarily have to eat a salad, but add an apple or carrot sticks. Dinner should always include a good dose of fresh produce like leafy green vegetables. This way you can ensure you are getting your five-a-day.

Cut down on salt and refined sugar

Your body does need a certain amount of salt to function properly but too much can have health implications. Too much salt causes your body to store extra water and raises your blood pressure. This puts strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain which puts you are higher risk of:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disease

We crave sugar from a young age because through evolution we have discovered the sweeter the taste the more calories the food is likely to contain. Before there were readily available sources of food, eating sugar would give you a boost of energy in the form of calories. Refined sugar has created an abundance that has proven to be unhealthy. Too much sugar in your diet can cause your body to become insulin resistant, leaving glucose in your blood steam. High levels of glucose in your blood stream can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Support your local farmers

Peruse your local farming directory and agricultural magazine to see what producers are available in your area. Investing in your local producers means you are investing in your local community.You are supporting their businesses, so they can continue to provide their produce.The closer the farm the fresher the produce; you can’t lose and your body will thank you for it.

Make Your Home A Fitness Hub For Your Own Body

People have different notions about staying fit. Some might go a step ahead and talk about building muscles and defining them overall. To be a bodybuilder is a whole different ball game but staying fit is something everyone should aim. For your own betterment it is suggested that everyone from teenagers to veterans should allot some part of their day to fitness. This is done in order to keep the body agile and make it work better day after day. Even the man-made machines need to be provided regular runs to keep them error free. Our body is no lesser machine only much complex on the inside.

Take care of your body

Without considering the age of a person all of us need to put in some form of routine in our daily life. What it does is that with so much going on in the day exercising keeps as mobile. It gives us the extra zest on a regular basis. Keeping all our body parts active is a sure task which can be achieved with regular exercises at home. At home fitness fundamentals can vary from person to person. We all are not exactly the same and that is why the requirement for activity for any individuals depends on the respective lifestyle. Good to evaluate your own lifestyle before deciding what to include in the routine.

Check out

Go online and scout for various workout routines that you would like to follow. This is purely on personal level as there can be no one size fits all solution here. People with issue on their tummy should do more of crunches and others may not need them that much. Overall it comes down to personal requirements of an individual. This is why without going to fitness trainers you are seldom able to decide what should be done to stay fit. It’s not that hard to determine if you can spend a little time around the subject.


Many may lose the zeal to do exercises once they are down with illness or while travelling. Avoid such feeling by staying totally committed and focused on the task. There is no one who can understand your body needs better than you. Playing with your body is not such a good idea with today’s lifestyle. Profoundly wrong eating habits and food stuff with high carbs and fat make for the rest of the disaster. All these need to be put under check with a great fitness program as per your body type.

Change today

That elusive tomorrow you wish to start working out is never going to come. This means you will have to start today with your at home fitness regimen. It is never too late and the quicker you start the better for your body. Stay focused and motivated to get to the desired goals whatever they are. Plan everything for the week and move ahead on it. Success will surely follow and you will see results in a few days.