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Is Physical Therapy Right for You?

If you suffer with aches and pains that make it difficult to enjoy your daily life to the full considering undertaking some Physical Therapy could be the ideal way to help alleviate the effects of this. By carrying out a specific plan of exercise and massage that is designed to help with the problems you are experiencing you can reduce pain by simply strengthening and stretching parts of the body that are affected and actually undo previous damage that has been caused.

At Balance and Body Restoration they are able to help their clients to not only improve conditions such as knee pain and back pain but, in many cases, stop them from recurring as well simply by helping their clients with a physical therapy plan that is completely tailored to their needs.

Based in Dublin, California this husband and wife team founded Balance and Body Restoration with the aim of helping people to overcome constant pain without the need for medication or other medical interventions and to show their clients that by making a few small lifestyle changes and carrying out a physical therapy plan that they can live life to the full, pain free and with improved mobility.

As a fully qualified orthopaedic specialized physical therapist and an experienced certified massage therapist this team has all the experience and qualifications required to ensure they are able to offer a topclass service every time.

As many people become older, they begin to suffer to pains or tightness in certain parts of the body, most commonly within the knees or the back, and sometimes they can become so severe that daily tasks such as gardening or playing with the grandchildren become painful or impossible to carry out. Often pains like this are due to a pressure on the body due to lifestyle habits, such as sitting at a desk for long periods, or old injuries that didn’t heal fully.

By helping you get to the root of the problem and establishing what treatments are required to combat this at Balance and Body Restoration they will help you treat the cause of the issues you are experiencing rather than the symptoms so you can be certain to be really happy with the results you experience.

Although physical therapy isn’t a quick fix to your problems and will require commitment and dedication from you it has been shown that it is a far more effective and long-lasting treatment for certain types of pain, particularly conditions such as sciatica, than more traditional methods such as painkillers or surgery. This is because by assessing a particular problem carefully a trained practitioner is able to tell which parts of the body need to be addressed to help improve symptoms.

By applying the theory that the different parts of the body work together to help maintain good health, targeting the affected areas with a combination of exercise and massage to help improve strength and flexibility can make a real difference to the pain you may be experiencing.

So, if you are experiencing aches and pains and your doctor has advised nothing can be done or keeps prescribing you with medication instead of treating the cause of your problems you may want to consider finding out more about how physical therapy may be able to help you. Why not get in touch with Balance and Body Restoration for an initial consultation and see if they are able to offer a plan that is suited to you.

Use the Botox product to look young forever?

Are you tried covering up your aged face? Botox Houston is the best solution for you. You need not cover up your face anymore and even your friends will be wondering which age group do you belong to? This method can prevent ageing, revitalize your appearance and helps you to achieve the young look.

How does Botox Houston work?

Botox is actually a trading name of botulinum toxin extracted from a
bacterium named Clostridium botulinum. Botox Houston just stops the
signal transmitting process by the facial nerves to the muscles thereby
preventing the wrinkles in the face. This method is pausing your ageing by
retaining your fresh flesh and making you appear youthful. This method is
entirely different from plastic surgery that does not include surgery and less
time recovery but full of positive results. Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and
frown lines can be easily treated with less effort by this incredible Botox Houston treatment. Showing of
your gums while smiling may have an odd impression and which could be also
fixed by this treatment. Bulky jaws and eyebrows can also be corrected easily
without any pain. Botox Houston temporarily
paralyses the muscle when injected.  

Who cannot take Botox Houston treatment?

Everyone can undergo Botox Houston treatment except the
recipients who possesses the given feature below,

  • Recipients under the age of 18 years and above the age of 65 years.
  • Recipients undergoing pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Recipients with nerve or muscle related problems such as Myasthenia
  • Recipients showing hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin.
  • Recipients, prone to bleeding disorders.
  • Recipients on the blood thinners like aspirins, high dose on vitamin E
    and pain killers etc.,

How long the effect of the Botox Houston lasts?

Botox Houston becomes evident only after 5 to 7
days of injection. Maximum it takes nearly 15 days to see the effective change.
The results last effectively for about 6 to 8 months. You can undergo this
treatment twice a year for the best results. Botox Houston is an
elective procedure and affordable comparing other cosmetic treatments. A good
tip to take this Botox treatment is month before the special occasion such as
marriage to flaunt upon wrinkle free face.

Why Botox
injection is used?

  1. Anaesthesia- Anaesthetic
    cream is applied to minimize the pain and discomfort. You can also take
    the Botox
    treatment it without anaesthesia because the pain just feels like a
    bite of ant.
  2. Assessment of wrinkles-
    Dermatologist may ask you to give certain expression for analysing the
  3. Injections- The injection is
    usually injected using thin insulin syringe. If needed they may place ice
    packs to reduce discomfort.
  4. Post-Injection Care- You
    should avoid lifting the heavy weight and exercise for the few hours after
    taking theBotox Houston
    treatment. You should not disturb the muscles so a sound sleep is very
    necessary. Avoid any kind of face massages.
  5. Revisit- at the end of the
    15th day visit the physician and takes up extra shots if needed.